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Partner Services

Partner Services

Tailored solutions to complement and enhance Active Housing’s extensive range of services.

Accessibility Solutions, Chatbots and more…

At Active Housing, we work with 3rd party suppliers where we think their products and services would be of benefit to our clients and can enhance our service. Our internal development and innovation teams have been on the hunt for partner products and services to complement our offering. We will then work closely with the suppliers to ensure we get the maximum functionality out of these integrations for our customers.

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Browsealoud by Text Help

Earlier this year we proudly announced that we were the first and only digital supplier in the social housing sector to become a reseller of Browsealoud. This unrivalled web accessibility toolbar helps organisations make their websites more inclusive thanks to its supportive features. Digital content can now be made much more accessible to a wider range of users. Digital accessibility is an issue which Browsealoud is committed to addressing.

Remove barriers for your online audience today, and make your content more available and accessible to all.

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