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Livin Implements Active Diagnostics

Livin launched with our Active Diagnostics repairs system in 2017, and soon gained a customer satisfaction rate of 98%.


Livin launched their repairs system with Active Diagnostics in November 2017, as part of their new business strategy to put the customer at the heart of the organisation’s focus.

Project Background

After conducting user research, Livin discovered their customers wanted to manage their tenancies online using their mobile devices.

With this in mind, they began improving the online customer experience, focusing on the high volume repairs service first. With around 25,000 repairs being reported each year, it was clear that real value could be created with a self-appointing repairs service, both for tenants of Livin and for the organisation. Livin identified a chance to improve their customer service whilst also being able to redirect resources to where they were needed the most.

To take on this task Livin chose to implement Active Housing’s flagship Active Diagnostics product, which provides 24/7 access to an end-to-end repairs reporting system. The Active Diagnostics repairs tool features repairs diagnostics & selection, appointment duration estimation, soft fix information, muti-repairs support and appointment section.

The Approach

Livin had internally begun to adopt an Agile project management methodology. Active Housing’s aligned Agile approach allowed the two organisations to deliver the project quickly and efficiently, rolling out continuous improvements in response to changing user needs. As part of the Agile approach, all involved teams took part in weekly stand-up video calls from the beginning of the project up until delivery. Strong communication and collaboration between Active Housing, Livin and the external contractor, Mears, meant that the project could move at a fast pace.

The Integration

To enable true end-to-end self-service, Active Repairs needed to be integrated with several third party systems, including Orchard's Housing Management System, Mears MCM scheduler and Housing Insight’s Pan Connect portal. A key challenge lay in integrating Active Diagnostics’ repairs tool with Mears’ scheduling system, which had no existing integration methods available. The collaborative approach allowed for the integration methods to be quickly scoped by both IT teams, and delivered by the Mears IT department. This approach and the ‘one-team’ mindset meant that the project could be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Launch

Livin chose to launch their Active Diagnostics product in phases, continually testing and improving the product. In November 2017, Livin moved into public beta with Active Diagnostics on their website before seamlessly embedding it within the PanConnect tenant portal, complete with the ability for customers to book their own appointment.

A phased launch allowed users to gain confidence using the new repairs system. It also meant that Livin was able to receive customer feedback that could be used to make improvements, even before the product was fully launched. January 2018 saw the launch of the fully integrated self-appointing system which can be accessed via the Livin tenant portal.

The Results

Just 8 months after launching, Livin had already achieved some amazing results:

  • Repair reporting and booking online takes an average of 30 seconds, compared to 4 minutes spent on a call, saving the customer 3 and a half minutes and saving Livin that time taken up from a call centre operative

  • Customer satisfaction with the app increased to 98%

  • 60% of all transactions are now received online

"Active Housing encouraged collaboration from day one, working professionally and willingly with other suppliers, adopting new ways of working where appropriate and knowledge sharing with all parties to achieve shared objectives and deliver on time. They would dial into weekly stand-ups virtually, fulfilling the relevant Agile project roles and responsibilities and offering solutions to remove barriers."

Anna Robson - Livin.


In addition to this, an Agile approach to project management is now being used by Livin, allowing the rapid implementation of changes. Active Housing and Livin are still continually implementing improvements to the repairs system, whilst Active Housing and Mears are working together to add further integration methods to support additional functionality.

Livin’s continual drive to improve customer experience, coupled with a strong digital roadmap, are proving to be the cornerstones of the project’s success. The collaborative approach between Livin, Active Housing and other third parties has resulted in a stronger customer experience for Livin’s tenants, providing real tangible results.

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