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Creating value amid COVID 19

Creating value amid COVID 19

What we're doing to help our clients in the wake of COVID 19.

20th April 2020

Nicole Lummis

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Since the lockdown and the enforcement of social distancing, there has been a greater reliance on technology. This is why we have chosen to use our expertise as a tech company to help out our clients in as many ways as we can.

The first thing we wanted to ensure was to continue business as usual despite the lockdown, as we understood that things definitely wouldn’t be slowing down with our social housing clients. In fact, they were likely to be speeding up. Therefore, all meetings were shifted to Google Hangouts, and we continued our support as usual.

As we understood that our social housing clients and their tenants would have a new set of problems to deal with, we sent a survey around to all of our clients to see how we can help them, and in what ways we can provide social value and charitable work within this period.


We created various new updates to our SaaS products, to help our clients with operational changes that were being made, such as making all repairs only loggable in the call centre, so call centre staff could gauge if the repair was an emergency and if a repair operative needed to be sent to the job.

Our clients were also given access to our ‘Self Fix’ repairs videos, which they could embed to their websites. These videos show tenants how to fix certain basic repairs themselves, so that repairs operatives do not need to be sent out to a job unnecessarily.


We understand that due to the uncertainty of these times, new challenges are going to be arising constantly for ourselves and our clients. Our aim as an organisation is to catch these challenges in the early stages, so that we can provide a solution using our expertise in UX, development and technology. We are doing this by continuing to engage with our clients, asking the right questions, and always looking for ways to provide value. 


We believe there is a big social responsibility for organisations with the resources to do so, to provide as much support as possible to their clients, so that the economy and the nation can get through this together.

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