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Blog post - using video to promote your customer portal

Using Video to promote your customer portal

How we are working with our clients to create a promotional video for their customer portals.

13th July 2021

Nicole Lummis

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We have been developing self service solutions in the social housing sector for over half a decade. One thing we have learned and try to impart on our clients is that it’s not all about the software, it’s also how you connect with your tenants and promote the solution.

As part of promoting a solution there are multiple messages that need to be communicated:

  1. Make customers aware that it exists
  2. Make customers aware of what they can do
  3. Make customers aware why they should use the solution


We recommend our clients use a range of different marketing channels and techniques, from print and digital to in person activities, in order to achieve this.


Utilising video is a great way to promote your customer portal, but for an organisation can be costly and time consuming 


This is why we are working with 7Video, to allow our clients to benefit from a ‘ready-made’ portal promotional video that can be customized in a matter of hours to their branding and portal features.


The ‘tenant facing’ video is a short animation, which explains all of the portal’s main features and benefits, as well as where customers can access the portal from. It is designed to capture the users attention and explain the purpose of the new customer portal and why they should use it. 


You can see an example of the video we created with Grand Union Housing Group here:



Video doesn’t just have to be used to promote a portal either. It can be used as an explainer video to show tenants how to use your digital offerings as well as many other things.


We strongly recommend that if you are thinking of ways to increase uptake on your portal, video is a great option to capture your customer’s attention in a fun and creative way. 

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