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award-winning repair diagnostics

over 90% of tenants said the system was “easy to use”


Award Winning

Active Repairs was proudly voted 'best app / online tool' at the 2017 Housing Excellence Awards

Integration Options

We've the necessary experience and know-how to build the diagnostic tool into your infrastructure

Embed or Standalone

Easily embed into your existing website or customer portal or choose to launch separately. It's your choice

Advice & Support

Consultation, integration, training, long-term maintenance, support and aftercare. We've got you covered

Simple Problem Selection

With our categorised, interactive repair locator and easy to use keyword filter (including synonyms) right at step one, choosing the correct issue is quick and clear.

It couldn't be simpler

Desktop. Tablet. Mobile. Done

Works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, providing the tenant with an optimised experience for whichever device they prefer to use.

Tenant repair reporting has never been so accessible

Configurable Filtering Questions

Control the route to each SOR code to improve accuracy. Present the tenant with a question and, based on their response, change the SOR, change the priority or even ask another question.

Your rules, your way.

Useful Info and Soft Fix Advice

Editable text, image and video content for you to use for any purpose. Problem information, soft-fix advice, responsibility notices, supplier signposting, anything at all.

It’s your call.

Appointment Slot Selection

The system can integrate with scheduling tools, enabling tenants to be presented with a range of appointment slots for instant booking - without ever leaving the process.

We even estimate the duration of the repair for you

Powerful Administration

Configure SOR codes, categories, business rules, filtering questions, content and more.
Update your own repair diagnostic tool and be in complete control.

It's totally flexible

Call Centre Features

Stay on the same page as your tenants, literally.
The very same housing repair locator can be used by both tenants and staff, with the latter able to access additional features such as conversational prompts and guidance

Award Winning

Winner: Best App / Online Tool - Housing Excellence Awards 2017

Shortlisted: Housing Innovation Awards 2017

Finalist: Cheshire Business Awards 2016

Developed with Tenants

Tenant input evolved the core of the repair locator system design, resulting in an accessible, intuitive interface that enables launch, diagnosis and booking in only around 99 seconds


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Award-winning idea

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Frequent Questions

What are the fees involved?

There are two types of fee.

The first fee is for initial setup and configuration and will be derived from a number of factors including volume of data and any system integrations.

The second fee is the annual product licence fee. Again this fee is derived from factors including number of properties and whether the product is to be used by tenants, the call centre, or both.

How do you integrate with our other services?

Even if we've worked with particular software before, your specific features and settings will likely be nuanced, so we treat each integration as a new project.

We'll collaborate with your IT team and, in most cases, set up a test copy of the product to ensure any integrations are working as expected well before launch.

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What are people saying?

Helena partnerships have had a 275% increase in repairs being reported via the web. From stats on the solution, the average repair takes only 99 seconds to report, actually faster, to some degree than on the phone... Few channel shift initiatives I have seen, manage anything near that.

Tony Smith Acutance Consulting

It has been a pleasure to work with Active Housing on the design, development and implementation of a new digital platform for Helena Partnerships. We continue to work with the company to deliver a corporate Channel Shift programme. I have been particularly impressed with the way they build strong and solid relationships with customers.

Nasrin Fazal Head of Programme Delivery - Torus Group

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