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Blog post - Guinness uses best slot feature

How Guinness are benefiting from our new 'Best Slots' feature

Guinness have achieved amazing results so far from our new 'Best Slots' feature in our Active Diagnostics tool.

26th November 2020

Nicole Lummis

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In October, we launched a new feature for the Active Diagnostics tool called the ‘Best Slot’ feature.

The ‘Best Slot’ feature works on the ‘Appointment Selection’ page of the tool, nudging the customer to select an appointment that is most efficient for Guinness’s DLO, thus making significant cost savings and reducing the organisation carbon footprint via reduced travel time. The best slot appointments are based on the efficiency ratings returned by their dynamic scheduler, Advanced DRS (formally Kirona DRS). Customers still have the option to choose alternative slots if these do not suit.


After 1 week of launching, the best slot feature showed some great results for Guinness. Out of the repairs that were booked that week, 55% of users chose one of the ‘Best Slots’ available.


This feature is ideal for helping housing associations to keep their repairs costs low whilst not having to compromise on quality or service for their customers.


A great win for our clients and another reason why we believe Active Diagnostics is the best repair tool on the market.


To find out more about the Active Diagnostics product suite, click here.


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